TGCC is a regional business based organization that was established in 2000 by a group of local business leaders who believed in working across county and state lines to achieve economic development for the region.

Our Vision

TGCC envisions a vibrant region where:

  • Population growth is supported by strategic economic development;
  • Natural, cultural and heritage resources are valued and cultivated;
  • Educational institutions are poised to provide services to increasing populations;
  • and Infrastructure investments encourage sustainable development and next generation investment.

Our Mission

  • Help identify opportunities for collaboration to enhance the quality of life in the region;
  • Negotiate broad and sound solutions to community issues;
  • Serve as convener, facilitator, and catalyst for regional responsiveness and community improvement.


To review TGCC’s Accomplishments over the past five years, please visit one of the links below.

2010Our Ten Year Review