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At the May Membership meeting, Nancy Forlifer, Director of Community Health and Wellness at the Western Maryland Health System, provided us with information on the community health needs in Allegany County and a program called “Bridges to Opportunity”. Click here to view her presentation. Hover over the comment icon in the top left corner of her slide to view details and statistics.

Goal: Advance economic development issues of regional relevance through active participation in the key areas of Education, Transportation, Energy and Regional Leadership.

After decades of erosion of our industrial economic foundation, our region has been negatively impacted by out-migration of living wage jobs and, consequently, loss of population.  Despite the emergence of a growing regional tourism product, the development of quality health care services and the strong presence of multiple institutions of higher education, population growth continues to be stunted, negatively impacting key measures of a viable community—population growth and new business development.  Additionally, elements of aging infrastructure such as limited transportation systems and broadband capacity are deterrents to increased private sector development.

It is time to capitalize on the economic impact of our institutions of higher education and effectively brand the collective benefits of our region to spur growth and expansion.  Emerging opportunities associated with the harvesting of natural gas development and the development and branding of an Energy Production Enterprise Zone are of increasing importance, particularly as the nation’s energy portfolio seeks to expand in response to a national call-to-action regarding dependence on foreign energy sources. Likewise, the combined regional advancements in key infrastructure, such as the North/South Appalachian Highway and expanded broadband connectivity, will serve to position our service area to fully realize future population and economic growth.

Our region supports the advancement of economic opportunities by working in tandem with our bounty of the natural and historic assets found here.  In managing those assets, we seek to broaden our business sector profile, capitalize on unique economic opportunities, and enhance our human capital through strategic growth initiatives.

TGCC will champion initiatives that serve to support long term economic benefits across the region by engaging elected officials to share their perspectives for future development efforts.  We will:

  • Support the strategy for Broadband development and identify opportunities with our Workforce Development partners to promote additional training and education.
  • Continue to participate, support and utilize the benefits of the Power of 32 attitudes to advance TGCC’s service area and affiliate partners.
  • Encourage business funding sources such as Sales Tax TIF, expanded Property TIF, Angel Investment and Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) opportunities that will support the goal of achieving notable population growth and increasing business opportunities across the region.
  • Engage regional economic development professionals to support and participate in the development of a regional branding initiative.
  • Serve as a catalyst to identify joint projects of region impact in all areas of economic growth in keeping with TGCC’s mission and vision.
  • Seek opportunities to provide cooperative promotion of trail development and economic benefits to our area.
“Economic Development” serves as the umbrella to strengthen all core TGCC initiatives; it is not possible to advance issues such as broadband, education, transportation, energy opportunities and leadership without the presence of a strong economic development foundation.

Our full Work Plan can be viewed here.  For more specific details on initiatives, please visit one of our Work Group pages:

North/South Appalachian Highway






On September 27, 2013, TGCC, along with the Allegany, Garrett and Mineral County Chambers of Commerce, hosted a Broadband Provider’s Summit at Frostburg State University.  To view a presentation provided by our keynote speaker, Joanne Hovis of CTC Technology & Energy, please click here.

An economic overview by Anirban Basu. – as presented to the Hagerstown & Washington County Chamber of Commerce & Washington County Department of Business Development on November 14, 2013.

A presentation on Tax Incremental Financing by Partners for Economic Solutions – presented at TGCC’s membership meeting on April 3, 2014.

Deep Creek 2014

September 2014 Meeting with Anirban Basu

To view an economic overview of the region, please click here.