TGCC Hosts 3rd Annual Regional Energy Forum

The Greater Cumberland Committee, along with members and sponsors, AES Warrior Run, FirstEnergy, Laurel Renewable, LLC, Beitzel Corporation, Everpower and Tri-County Council, held the 3rd  Annual Regional Energy Forum on Friday, November 6, at the Gira Center for Communication and Information Technology (C.C.I.T.) Building at Frostburg State University (click here for campus map).  The event went from 7:30am – 1:00pm.

Ernie Thrasher, XCoal, provided the keynote address discussing the current state of the coal industry, projections and the worldwide coal market.  Mr. Thrasher’s detailed presentation can be viewed here.

In addition to Thrasher, several other speakers provided input.

Jeff Fretwell, Maryland Department of the Environment, provided an update on natural gas regulations.

Jerry Mullins, National Mining Association, provided an overview of President Obama’s Clean Power Plan and its impact.  To view Mr. Mullins’ presentation click here

In addition to the excellent presentations, the agenda included a morning Energy Epicenter panel with representatives from solar, biomass, natural gas, wind, coal and megatrends.


CSX – How Tomorrow Moves

Brian Hammock and Jason Bishop of CSX Corporation provided us with a look at the future of rail transportation.

Dan’s Mountain Wind Farm Update

David Friend and Jim Cookman of Laurel Renewables, LLC provided this update of the project at our April membership meeting. Click the link above to view the presentation.

Orbital ATK Fracking Presentation

Steve Moore, Vice President, Strategy & Business Development, Orbital ATK gave a presentation to TGCC members about new propellant-based fracking procedures. Click the link above to view the presentation.



“What can we do to create opportunities by capitalizing on what we already have?”

In an effort to educate our members and partners, we have provided countless opportunities through membership program topics and collaborated forums to thoughtfully and carefully consider these options.  We have learned, as shared by experts on both sides of the issues, that we are a region rich in natural resources; and we have also learned that a key area of focus that would provide the greatest impact relates back to various energy elements such as coal, wind, solar, timber and natural gas – each with its own specific strengths.

Coal – it’s available in abundance around the globe. It’s easy to store, easy to transport, making it an easy-to-distribute commodity, thus making it one of the world’s easiest available choices of energy.

Wind and solar farms – these are not only clean, affordable, domestic, and effectively infinite, they produce no emissions and result in cleaner air and water for all.

Timber –  generating renewable fuel for our states, as well as many other value added products.

Natural Gas – it was on the lips of every candidate at the local and national levels in November 2012 and many expect usage to be higher than reported last year with natural gas being used more in the industrial and electric power sectors and in exportation.

Each venue is creating jobs and generating revenue for local communities.

TGCC believes that we must education state government officials on the unique energy opportunities available and seek their support to create expanded services in these areas.  Additionally, TGCC will:

  • Collaborate with industry leaders and elected officials to establish and Energy Production Enterprise Zone.
  • Advocate  for the development of tax credits and new business incentives to encourage and welcome all forms of energy production/conversion.
  • Encourage new and innovative technologies to sustain corridor capacity and advance future growth.
  • Utilize the momentum from the 2012 Coal Summit to host an Energy Summit to showcase the value of the numerous energy sources throughout the region.
  • Identify supporting businesses to complement the various energy sources to ensure greater vitality and success as part of the next generation investment.

The Greater Baltimore Committee’s Energy Position


Regional Energy Forum

TGCC TO CO-HOST 2nd ANNUAL REGIONAL ENERGY FORUM – Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Greater Cumberland Committee, along with members and sponsors, AES Warrior Run, FirstEnergy, Laurel Renewable, LLC, Beitzel Corporation and Tri-County Council, held the 2nd Annual Regional Energy Forum on Wednesday, November 5, at the new Center for Communication and Information Technology (C.C.I.T.) Building at Frostburg State University (click here for campus map).  The event went from 9:00 am – 1:00pm.  Steve Moore, ATK-Elkton, was the keynote speaker and discussed the advances in the method of “dry-fracking”.

In addition to Moore, the agenda will include distinguished guests from Maryland, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.  Each provided an update on the energy landscape for their particular state, considered regulatory challenges, and discussed related legislation that may be introduced in the upcoming session.  Following a networking lunch and additional insight by the keynote speaker, participants traveled to the Sustainable Energy Research Facility (SERF) Building for a facility tour.

To view the presentation from ATK, click on the link below.

Steve Moore, ATK

To view individual presentations from each state representative, click on the links below.

Jeff Herholdt, West Virginia Department of Energy

Kevin Lucas, Division Director, Policy, Planning & Analysis, Maryland Energy Administration

Hayley Book, Pennsylvania Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Policy Office Director



On Friday, November 1, 2013, TGCC hosted a Regional Energy Forum with presentations from Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia related to the current energy landscape in our three-state region.  Additionally, we were honored to have Jim Dinegar of the Greater Washington Board of Trade serve as our keynote speaker for the day.  To review presentations made on behalf of each state, please follow the links below.  Mr. Dinegar’s presentation can be accessed here.

Maryland – Ms. Abby Hopper, Secretary of Energy

Pennsylvania – Mr. Mark Hand, South-Central Regional Energy Manager, DEP

West Virginia – Mr. Jeff Herholdt, Director, West Virginia Division of Energy


Mountain Maryland Energy Advisory Committee Presents to TGCC Energy Work Group

On Thursday, October 9, Jeff Simcoe, Mountain Maryland Energy Advisory Committee (MMEAC) Consulted gave our TGCC Energy Work Group an overview of the committee structure and activities.  Click here to view the presentation. Click here to view the presentation.


Maryland Petroleum Council

Presentation on Hydraulic Fracturing and Marcellus Shale

Final economic study by the Regional Economic Studies Institute of Towson University

Please click here to review the study

Pinnacle Wind Tour

June 25, 2014










A presentation by Pinnacle can be found by clicking here.